Karen Rexrode Life of the Assemblage Art Gardener

Karen Rexrode

True artfulness is always been about growth. Inspired souls don’t just plant the seed and walk away from it. They tend to it and watch it grow. Karen Rexrode is one 

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Sarah Angle - Folk Artist Extraordinaire!

Sarah Angle may describe herself as shy, but her genuine smile, hospitable openness, and gifted sense of humor indicate otherwise. This self proclaimed people 

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Kathleen Kendall, The Magic Touch

As if in a fairy tale, I make my way to the charming little cottage home and studio of Kathleen Kendall. I knock, the door opens, she greets me and invites me in. 

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PeaceLove Studios Shines A Light on Mental Health

Jeff Sparr

PeaceLove Studios: An alternative to therapy and prescriptions. Using expressive arts to provide healing qualities for people who are open to exploring their creative side. A place for people free of judgement to work through their problems.

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Finding The Unusual In Every Day Life

Landscape photo

How routine is your life? Do you take the same roads, eat the same foods, and talk to the same people pretty much every day? If you’re like most people, the answer is a 

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