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Issue 1 June 2014

Live An Artful Life Gallery

live an artful life gallery from the street

As the maiden voyage of Live An Artful Life Magazine begins, it just wouldn't be fair to our hopefully far reaching readers, to not give some insight to what has been this magazine's spiritual center. That center is about an hour west of Washington, D.C., out I-66, where you will find the tiny town of The Plains, Virginia. The Plains is likely most known for its most famous resident, actor Robert Duvall, but also The Gold Cup steeplechase races. This, after all, is horse country.

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One of 52

Shane Chalke

One of the great joys of this magazine will be introducing you to interesting people we've met while living our own artful life. Shane Chalke has been a close friend for over 25 of those years. Reading his bio will shed light on his very successful business background, but today, Shane is a shining example of someone who really enjoys living an artful life. Now in a sense, semi retired, he and his wife Monique, split their year between Banner Elk, NC. with his BE Jazz company and Sarasota, Fl., as a hard working, full time jazz musician. His first story gives us a one week taste in a year of his life today. Filled with comedic observations, it says a lot about our society as well. - Tom Neel

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Man Of Steel

Sculpture by Peter Wood

Many artists tap into an inner energy to create their works of art. For Peter Wood, that energy is not only necessary, it's an apparent approach to each of the pieces born from his Rusty Metal Studio near Paw Paw, West Virginia. You see, Wood works in steel. As cold and hard as his medium may be, Peter Wood uses his energy to bring warmth and meaning to it.

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The Hunt - Beachcombing for Sea Glass

Sea glass picture frame

The ocean has an alluring presence about it. Its awesome power and even romance intrigues we land born humans. It is after all, that which connects us to far away lands, no matter what land you are from. It is also there, at the shore, where the land meets the sea, this artful life story begins.

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Christine G. Epstein

Christine G. Epstein

From her tropical Oceano studio, based in Rincon, Puerto Rico, Christine Epstein shares her dream come true_living a creative and artful life as a full time jewelry artisan. She shares her childhood as an up bringing in a working class neighborhood of Darby, Pennsylvania.

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Artful Baking

Artful baking

What is artful baking? With the plethora of cooking shows, magazines, cookbooks, and websites out there, there's no shortage of dazzling desserts: adorable cupcakes with unexpected ingredients, whimsical cakes that all but sing and dance, elegant pastries almost too lovely to eat. So, what does it take for somebody to produce a confectionary work of art?

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