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Issue 1 June 2014

Mindful Living

I witnessed a pretty cool thing this weekend. My 6-year-old daughter attended a painting party with about 20 other first graders. At the front of the room was an instructor and a completed canvas with a beautiful little owl in a whirly sky with vibrant colors.

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Life Coach

"There is no place I know, like the world of pure imagination," how true these #1 iconic words sung by the great dreamer himself, Willy Wonka. He created magic lands and candy dreams all based on the premise that our straight laced world of checks and balances is boring and unimaginative and that true life essence happens in all the places in between.

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The Artist's Perspective

What do the words - three dimensional, mean to you? Let's explore the true depth of 3-D and I hope it not only opens up the artistic minds, but all minds to a broader way of thinking.

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3 Things You Can Do Today to Live Life More Artfully!

Have you ever really thought about what artful means? Oxford defines artful as - clever or skillful, typically in a crafty or cunning way; showing creative skill or taste. Well, we certainly can't argue with that, but here at Live An Artful Life® we also define artful as a pure enjoyment of art and a artistic lifestyle that supports the arts.

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