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Issue 3 December 2014

Get Fired Up!

chrysler museum of art glass studio

Hot words from the Chrysler Museum of Art Glass Studio! One of the unexpected treats of our visit to the Chrysler Museum was visiting their free standing glass studio adjacent to the museum's main building. The Glass Studio's mission is as an educational facility which supports the museum's collection.

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Art A Mile High

art a mile high

A visit to the mile-high city of Denver is one which will enlighten you to a city's approach to public art and the art scene it supports. Some urban areas do very little artistically and yet Denver rarely misses a chance to showcase creativity with examples never hard to find.

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The Artist's Perspective

As we wind down 2014 and another year passes, this is the time of year I really start looking closely at the next year and what I want from it. As an artist, one thing I always intend is for creative longevity and happiness. This, by the way, is not just about working a long time, but rather to be creatively expressing myself a long time and so far, so good.

Creativity though, is both a learning process and an evolutionary one.

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The Fearless Creator

jane guthridge

I like fearless artists and while she may not agree with this description, Jane Guthridge certainly has artistic confidence. From her fashionable downtown studio, Denver artist Jane Guthridge seems to approach her artwork as part designer, part fabricator and with creative prototypical vision.

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Life Coach Creativity


What do you feel when you read these words? What do you think about?
I think about living, what it means to be human and fully alive with purpose and passion and infinite love of all that is. The problem is, I don't live that as fully as I'd like on an every day basis.

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Mindful Living Doodling


Do you ever doodle? You know...the little scribbles on the side of your notes that, in school, were likely looked upon with scorn by your teachers. I have vivid memories of drawing on my notebook covers, margins, or even my hand while sitting in class during my school years. During meetings, I still find myself sketching little swirls or shaded geometric patterns on the side of my notes as I listen to the agenda at hand.

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Norfolk, Virginia’s Natural Harbor for Art ... and Conservation!

chrysler museum of art

When most of the nation, if not the world, hears the word Chrysler, it thinks of one thing - automobiles.  But anywhere near the naval city of Norfolk, Virginia they think about their priceless gem, the Chrysler Museum of Art.  It is, therefore, sort of ironic, that I’m an artist and writer whose father happened to have worked at a Chrysler dealership, I owned a 1965 Chrysler 300 and one of my closest friends is a retired engineer for Chrysler

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Mark Lewis, Conservator

mark lewis conservator

If Walter Chrysler Jr. was the parent of his collection, my host Mark Lewis, is certainly the one caring for his children! As the museum's conservator for the last 14 years, it's Mark's roll to see that which Chrysler assembled, remains clean, intact and preserved. Remember, this museum and others like it, have thousands of objects to care for, so Mark has his hands full.


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