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Issue 4 February 2015

"Hunting For Your Soul"

Lonesome pack-like howls turn hungry. This live performance feels visually and emotionally powerful as the artists of Fuzión Dance, draped in edgy lighting, stalk menacingly low across the stage-less floor invading the audience's space.

I feel like prey.



Fostering Excellence

They say timing is everything and no sooner than I enter the Lasley Centre for the Performing Arts, the school's Executive Director and owner, Kalie Lasley, is sharing great news with Ballet Master, Mark Rubin. Three of their students have been accepted to the summer intensive with the American Ballet Theater (ABT), who by the way, is celebrating their 75th anniversary.


7 Reasons To Dance

Dance lives in my home. It has since I was little. I come from a legacy of dancers...not trained performers, but humans compelled to move to music. I've always known it was a powerful form of expression, but wanted to explore what the literature had to say on the topic. I was blown away and had to share. If you've needed an excuse to dance or have a curiosity about the whys and you go!

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Life Lessons Learned From Dance

Imagine my excitement when I found out that the theme of this issue was dance. Why, you might ask? What does a Life Coach know about dance? Well...before I became a coach I had the great opportunity to be a professional dancer. Yes, professional. That means I made a career out of it – got paid and all (paltry salary at that, but a salary nonetheless). So as I pondered this article and all the many things I could share about dance, what came up were all the lessons – the life lessons – I learned from life as a dancer.

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